Koh-I-Noor Gioconda - 6 Magic leads. 4376

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The special colored leads draws a multi-colored line, consisting of several shades. The composite lead automatically shades the drawn line without the necessity of rotating the pencil around its axis. Already a small shift in the drawing angle will change the diversity of colors. To achieve a shading effect you just need to use one drawing instrument and shift the angle of its tip to get the desired effect. The special composition of the lead allows a smooth transition from one shade to another within one drawing line, thus creating a 3D impression. The Magic effect will be most distinct when coloring larger areas. Instead of a plain single color area, our Magic lead will create proper shading by a natural combination of  lead components. For example your drawings of grass or sea will look more natural. Employing various drawing techniques such as shading and hatching will result in a more richly textured drawing than you could ever achieve with a regular colored pencil. In order to finalize the natural appearance of your drawing use the Blender, which will blend the various shades together thus creating a very complex appearance of the drawing. Even a beginner can draw like a professional artist with our Magic colored pencil.

5.6 mm
120 mm

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