Koh-i-noor Versatil - Set of 6 Mechanical Pencils, Coloured Leads and Eraser 5217


CODE: 52170N2001PL


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Mechanical lead holders with Hexagonal barrels.

Sharpener built in the button.

6 coloured leads.

1 eraser.

Colors: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black, Brown.

2.0 mm
120 mm
142 mm


This is an inexpensive and very nice all metal set. If you have sat on a plastic barrel pencil you will know the value of a metal leadholder. I do have a concern however. As an artist I generally require archival(non-fading) colors, and as no information is given, I may decide to fill each with a different hardness of standard graphite. In either case the set is great. The sharpeners are obviously intended for fieldwork away from the drawing table lead pointer; since the set can fit in a pocket and has a durable metal case this is somthing I will carry around.

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